About us - Company Overview

Webtutornet.com has been in development since 2009. It is a system conceived and developed by the management team at Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Ltd, a company in its tenth year providing private tutors in central London.

The aim of webtutornet.com is to provide an experience as close as possible to a private tutoring session at home, but using the internet.

We have not used existing applications, we have had the software specially written to our specification. Our goal is to create a web tool which is as easy as possible to use for both the teacher and student. The site opens up a world of knowledge to the user, it need not be about mainstream education. This is a place to find somebody who knows the answers to your questions and interact with them live.

The extensive experience of the team at Kensington & Chelsea Tutors has meant that the system has several unique features created specifically to mimic the experience of a tutor and tutee being in the same room.

A shared desktop allows both student and teacher to bring files to a lesson to be shared and studied. It also has several built in applications such as OpenOffice allowing users to edit popular document formats and save them for future use.

The specialist equipment provided at registration gives both student and teacher the flexibility to have a lesson on almost any computer, anywhere in the world. Through the specialist webcam provided it is also possible for both parties to see what the other is writing as if they were sitting next to each other with a notebook. The special mouse, which is shaped like a pen, enables easy annotation of documents. When used in tandem with the included Xournal application, pdf documents can be annotated and those annotations saved.

We continue to develop and expand the site to try to achieve the ultimate in internet learning.